Everland Studios

Sailing The Waves Of Sound

Everland studios is a professional music recording studio located in Sydney. 

Recording Guitars with Kim Killspeed

We have Kim Killspeed in the studio this evening recording some guitar parts for their next EP. Kim Killspeed are a local Sydney band who recorded and mixed their first EP here at Everland too. Andy, from the band is a bit of a guitar obsessive and has some nice Tele's that we often use. He also collects amps and has an original Fender Champ from the 50's. These amps are super-basic with just a volume control and a tone knob. They record really well, and they are only 5W! 

When recording guitars I'll often use a two microphone setup, pairing a dynamic (such as a Shure SM57) with a condenser (like an AKG C414). You have to be careful to get the phase relationship between the two microphones correct but a blend can often give a fuller sound than recording with one microphone on it's own.