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Everland studios is a professional music recording studio located in Sydney. 

Demos with Castlecomer

Castlecomer in the recording studio

Castlecomer are a Sydney 5-piece who have been in the process of writing songs for a forthcoming album. They've been into Everland three times over the last six months to record demos for these songs. 

Demos can be a great way for a band to hear what is working and what isn't outside of the context of a rehearsal room. Demo recording is a slightly more quick and dirty process than setting up for a full session. For example we may only use 4 mics on the drum kit - kick, snare, and two overheads. The bass will likely be DI'ed only. Vocals can be sung live into a '58 in the control room. The band will usually run through two to three takes of each song and choose the best take of each to take away with them. In this particular case, rather than mixing the demo I provided the band with raw audio files for each instrument so they were able to experiment with arrangements in their DAW at home. 

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