Recording and mixing with Good Counsel

So, I've just spent seven days in the studio with Good Counsel. It's been a great experience. We recorded and mixed six songs, which will be released in the form of singles and an EP. 

Six songs in seven days might seem like a lot but when the band has done as much pre-production as these guys did, recording is a very smooth process. The guys arrived with Pro Tools sessions for each track with all the parts and arrangements mapped out. We set up to record drums, bass and piano live and used the pre-production demos as guides for the guitars and vocals. Once the drums and bass were completed at the end of the first day, we proceeded to overdub guitar and synth parts and finished with vocals. 

That left us 4 days for the mix. We did a lot of work to get the sounds as right as possible during the recording process so it was often just a case of pushing up the faders and with a touch of high pass filter and that was it. 

Overall it was a great experience to work with a band that has such a strong vision for their sound.