Ways to skin a cat... ***

...or, how are we going to record this thing?

As the title of this post suggests there are a few different ways to go about recording a song. 

  • The band records all instruments and vocals together in one take. Song finished, ready to mix!
  • The band records each part one-by-one, usually starting with the drummer recording to a click track. Each successive part (bass, guitar, vox, keys, etc.) is then recorded as an overdub.

The reality is that in most cases the process will be a hybrid of these two methods. I would say that the majority of bands I work with would record drums, bass, guitars and a scratch vocal** at the same time. They will do anywhere between one and ten takes of the song and then choose the best one. The idea is that this gives the song an energy that is not present when using the overdub method. With that said, I have no prejudice against working instrument by instrument; in some cases it may serve the song better to work this way, as it allows every player the ability to focus in on each of their parts.

Once these basic takes are completed we will then go back and overdub other parts, including the final vocal. We may also fix small inconsistencies in the basic takes with 'drop ins'.

At Everland we have the capacity to record drums, bass, two guitars, keys and a scratch vocal at the same time. 

Call us and come in to see the studio and we'll work out the best way for you to record.

**This is not a reference to the aforementioned cat, a scratch vocal is a place-holder vocal used to cue other musicians and is re-recorded towards the end of the process.

***No cats were harmed in the writing of this post