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Everland is a professional music recording studio conveniently located in the inner-West of Sydney. 

We work with both bands and solo artists, at all levels and across many genres and budgets. We would love to give you the best recording studio experience possible so take a look at our Rates page to see if there is a package that suits your needs. Alternatively, get in contact for a quote tailored to your specific recording or mixing project.

Head engineer Ben Worsey’s recording philosophy is to get the right sound to ‘tape’ by using correct microphone placement and judicious EQ during the recording process rather than trying to fix it in the mix.

The recording studio comprises a comfortable, well equipped control-room, a 6x4m live room and two amp isolation booths. The acoustically treated live room is one of the best-sounding small/medium studio recording rooms in Sydney. It has a floating floor and sound isolation. Acoustic instruments such as guitars and strings shine and it has a great controlled sound for tracking drums. The room is large enough to accomodate a 4-5 piece band.

Everland is a digital/analogue hybrid recording studio, running Pro-tools HD10 software on an HD2 system. An SSL X-desk is the hub through which the analogue outboard is integrated into the signal chain, adding character from a variety of vintage and modern equipment. See the Studio Specs page for more information about the gear. 

Get in contact for a no-obligation studio tour or to talk about how we can help you with your recording project.


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Everland Studios’ owner and head-engineer is Ben Worsey. Ben has 20 years experience in the audio industry and 7 years in the current location at Everland. He brings a passion for audio and a love for a wide range of musical genres to his recording studio Sydney. 

Ben's experiments in sound and music began at an early age with a 1/4" reel to reel recorder. Fascinated by the ability to stack sounds by bouncing from one track to another, a love of recording was born. As a teenager he graduated to a four track Tascam Portastudio and an Atari 1040ST, making home recordings of friends’ music. Ben studied at the School of Audio Engineering in 1999 and went on to work at Good Audio Sense in Melbourne for more than 5 years. 

Given his eclectic taste in music, Ben is comfortable working across a wide variety of genres from indie rock, pop and funk to heavier styles such as hard-rock and metal.

Ben’s mixing style is punchy and dynamic. He enjoys crafting a mix from the bottom up using a variety of creative techniques to bring out the best from the recorded material.

Collaboration with the artist is key to getting the mix right. Ben’s ability to communicate effectively in non-technical language makes the process of mixing your music creative and enjoyable.

Scroll down to have a listen to some projects recorded and mixed by Ben over the last few years.

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 A selection of music recorded and mixed at everland


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Use the form below to drop us a line. Ask us anything. Get a quote for your project. Make a time to come in and see the studio in person. Have a chat with Ben about your project and get a no-obligation assessment of your songs or demos. Ben will show you around the studio and can discuss which might be the best way to go about recording and mixing your music.

If you’d prefer to have a chat on the phone, call Ben on 0400 742 218.

Ben Worsey (Owner | Head Engineer)

40 East Street
PH: 0400 742 218

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